Monday, July 2, 2012

Thomas Thomas, Awarded People;s Choice at the 10Hr Art Gallery

The “People” have spoken.  Congratulations to Thomas Thomas with “Gus” for incredible wood carving of Aldimere, aka “Gus”.  This lion is life-size and weighs over 400 pounds,  Over 410 mane hairs are attached via a spring loaded system and is it oak and walnut.  A fantastic piece of craftsmanship.

Receiving the “People’s Choice Award” at the 10hr Art Gallery i n Carlsbad from Cheryl Ehlers, Gallery Director.   Thomas Thomas will return next month with another surprise to enjoy., Second place favorite was artist Kathy Chin, for her beautiful  photography and third place, a new artist from Murrieta, Joanne Leack, acrylic. Congratulations to the artists for turning people heads on your artwork and to all the artists that received comments on their artworks.

The 10Hr Art Gallery will “pop-up again , June 23 through June 28th, just in time for Thursdays on the Coast in Carlsbad ,on July 26th, where we will once again champion for  art awareness and  community fellowship with “Art from the Heart”.  We will seriously be dragon……you in with “Hope”,  and we’re really not lion in support of TerI Inc.

For information on the 10 Hr Art Gallery, contact Cheryl Ehlers, Gallery Director at 760-519-1551, email;  and will be located in the same spot  at 300 Carlsbad Village Drive, Suite 118, next to Pita Pit and Linda’s Gifts in Carlsbad Village Plaza.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

10Hr Art Gallery Presents "Gus" and Friends and the Peoples Choice Award | PRLog

10Hr Art Gallery Presents "Gus" and Friends and the Peoples Choice Award | PRLog

You have gotta see this!!!!

People Choice at the 10Hr Art Gallery

Show your support of the arts and appreciation for the artists that have banned together for a great cause.  "Hope for the Future" in support of art education and community awareness.

Vote beginning June 26th - June 30th for that very special artist.

10Hr Art Gallery is located at 300 Carlsbad Village Blvd. Suite 118, next to Lindas Gifts.

Hours are 1-7 daily and an art reception will be held on June 18, 5-9pm.

See you there!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Special Invitation - June 28th, Carlsbad, CA

 We will be "proudly" re-opening the 10Hr Art Gallery, in Carlsbad, CA, along with 13 artists, TERI and The Stardust Arts, and we have only 5 days to make an impact.

We are supporting the arts, and community education and awareness in a wonderful exhibit.

I say " what a mind can do, when they are not living in this world", and recently had the distinct pleasure of visiting the TERI Institute in Oceanside and was amazed at the wonderful support groups and great community spirit that hides behind the walls.The saying is "I am TERI. You can read more in this article.

Join US on June 28th, 5:30 - 9:00 pm where we will be hosting an art reception with refreshements, wine and wonderful art, paintings, photography, jewelers, and 3-D art, like this full size wood carved lion, "Gus", our mascot.

This also coincides with the Thursdays on the Coast event in the Village of Carlsbad, and in the Village Faire you will find five wonderful galleries, The 10Hr Art Gallery,  Oceanside Art Gallery, COAL Gallery, Phantom Gallery and Lynn Forbes Studios, to also explore, mingle and enjoy art receptions and fun!

So consider this a "very, very" special invitation from us,  and we "all" hope that you will attend this event and enjoy the art.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hope for the Future - Artists Unite at the 10Hr Art Gallery in Support of Art and Education and Awareness

Carlsbad, CA; June 26th marks the return of the 10Hr Art Gallery to the Carlsbad Village Faire in Carlsbad, CA , just in time to support the arts, and present the exhibition of “Hope for the Future".

The 10Hr Art Gallery is a pop up gallery that will occupy an empty business space and is graciously sponsored by the Village Faires’ management, SIMA.  It will host 10 very talented local artists, for 5 days, between; June 26th to June 30th.     (Because we can, Amelia)

The area artists will unite in support of two very special North County organizations that provide a wonderful service to underserved communities using art programs as communication mechanisms. 

All the artists will bring a spectacular variety of art, paintings, photography, jewelry and 3D artworks into the 10Hr Art Gallery and the exhibit will provide a very special glimpse into the world of artists who share in the vision of “hope for the future”. “